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Coin Listing

We only accept All types of coins/altcoins and tokens

To be listed on the CoinOrbis a coin should satisfy several requirements
1. Аt least 10 pages with informatible messages on bitcointalk
2. Trading volume should be at least 10000 COC in a month
3. Link on the CoinOrbis should be in the Announce post on the bitcointalk

Coin can be delisted if:
* Has few trades during 2 weeks period
* Consumes a lot of server resources and can't be fixed
* Unstable wallet or unstable blockchain (multiple chains / stopped blocks)
* Coin which turns to be scam will be delisted instantly

To list your altcoin please send us message trough support page.

Please include:
1. Coin name and ticker
2. Forum ann thread
3. Coin Source
4. Listing option

After our team check your coin,we will contact you with further informations.